By Emotional Collidescope




level one: 30 questions to open up with

Artist: Stephenie Zagorsky

level two: 30 questions to unearth more

Artist: Michael Wachter

level three: 30 questions to dive deeper

Artist: Giovanni De-Benedetto

back of card

back of card

back of card

"I’m a counsellor and The Introspection deck is a permanent fixture in my office. The deck has been a fantastic ice breaker for teen and adult clients and a way to build trust and ease into counselling for those who take time to open up. I have been struggling to find a game or deck with interesting and thoughtful questions, and this deck is just that.

The artwork is beautiful and also leads to fun and interesting conversations. My colleagues love the deck and borrow it often."

Brittany Lasanen. MA, RCC

"As a professional tarot reader, I am familiar with the ability of cards to facilitate conversation and bring clarity to people.
The Emotional Collidescope deck differs from a Tarot deck as it is a deck of cards with questions that open up dialogue. This means these cards can be used by anyone. There are many benefits to self-expression and discussing one’s thoughts and feelings and this deck gives people the permission they need to open up with each other.

This deck also helps break down the stigma around talking, opening up and being vulnerable. I have used these cards in a group, and it is definitely a bonding experience that highlights we have such similar human experiences.

I highly recommend these cards for anyone interested in their therapeutic mental health benefits."

Nick, Malakhim Tarot

"Emotional Collidescope is definitely a way to open up, heal and even just get to know someone (new and old friends/family). With this amazing tool, from experience, I found it much easier to open up to my peers and was even amazed at the way the conversations just 'flowed'. It was steering away from the surface-level conversations and focused more on making deeper connections. The layout of Emotional Collidescope is very easy to follow and you don't have to be a pro.

Just grab a group of mates or close circle, crack open a cold one, pour a glass of wine, maybe throw in a delicious platter in the works and let the cards begin to work their magic of pure human connection."

Brendan, Fellow Creative

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